It is common for people who suffer from substance use disorder (SUD) to also suffer from mental health disorders. Research indicates that those with SUD are twice as likely to have anxiety and mood disorders. Further, nearly half of those with mental health disorders have SUD and vice versa, which is referred to as co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. The symptoms of each are often overlapping and have a complex interwoven connection, which is why they must be treated simultaneously. Virtual reality (VR) meditation therapy is a cutting-edge approach to relieving anxiety so that individuals in treatment can concentrate on their recovery.

At Westwind Recovery®, we understand the many benefits of meditation in treating mental health disorders and SUD. We know that most people who suffer from these issues have difficulty quieting their minds to focus on one thing for any given period. Through virtual reality meditation therapy, individuals can acquire the skills to manage anxiety in healthy ways, enhancing the recovery process. Learn more about virtual reality meditation and addiction treatment at Westwind Recovery® by calling 855.340.8832 or filling out our online form.

How Do Virtual Reality Meditation and Addiction Treatment Work Together?

Though the numerous benefits of meditation are well-known, many people struggle to adopt the practice independently and need guidance to help them learn how to incorporate meditation practices into their daily lives successfully. For individuals with mental health and substance use disorders, learning meditation skills can be difficult because of the inability to focus. Even with in-person guided meditation, it can be challenging to quiet the mind’s inner chaos or ignore environmental distractions. Feeling frustrated, many simply give up trying.

What makes VR meditation and addiction treatment unique is that it is fully immersive and interactive. Through state-of-the-art headsets, individuals can experience a calming environment rather than simply picturing it in their minds. For example, instead of thinking about the ocean, you can feel as though you are sitting on the beach. You can hear the waves and the seagulls as if you are there. VR meditation transports your mind to your calming place and lets you release tension and clear your mind, opening yourself to engage in addiction treatment fully.

VR meditation therapy is a perfect example of technology being used innovatively in addiction and mental health treatment. Westwind Recovery® is proud to add VR meditation therapy to our ever-expanding offering of evidence-based and holistic treatment modalities, such as:

  • Adventure therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) therapy
  • Team-building outings
  • Nutrition and wellness programs
  • Creative arts groups

VR meditation therapy is not a stand-alone treatment but can be used as part of your comprehensive individualized treatment plan.

The Benefits of VR Meditation for Addiction Recovery

The simultaneous treatment of anxiety and addiction can prevent the symptoms of each from triggering or worsening the other. VR meditation therapy aims to assist your learning of new strategies for quickly and effectively decreasing anxiety to experience calm. VR meditation therapy is critically helpful in the early stages of addiction treatment when the physical and mental symptoms of detox and withdrawal typically increase agitation, restlessness, and impulsivity, leading many to leave treatment.

VR meditation therapy can lay the groundwork for learning to meditate independently.

Other benefits include:

  • Enhanced ability to recognize triggers
  • Greater ability to effectively manage emotions
  • Increased ability to manage symptoms of stress and anxiety
  • Decreasing negative thoughts to make room for positive ones
  • Allowing yourself to be open to treatment
  • Understanding the connection between the mind and body
  • Relieving tension

Explore Virtual Reality Meditation and Addiction Treatment at Westwind Recovery®

At Westwind Recovery®, we know that when individuals experience less stress and anxiety, they have a better outlook and can focus on treatment and achieve their recovery goals. The skills acquired in VR meditation therapy have benefits that extend far beyond treatment and will help you maintain your recovery long-term.

Through our commitment to remaining at the forefront of addiction and mental health treatment, Westwind Recovery® is proud to be a leader in providing VR meditation and addiction recovery as part of our comprehensive, integrative approach to treatment. When you are ready to take back control of your life, reach out to us online or at 855.340.8832 to discover the benefits of virtual reality meditation and addiction treatment.