Imagine being left to care for yourself in the world as an infant. If you are all alone, lacking the skills and tools you need, then how do you survive? Your instincts would likely kick in, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you head down the right path or make the right choices. You need parents or a guardian to guide you, don’t you? Someone to help ease you into life and teach you how to maneuver the great, big world.

This same scenario can be applied to someone completing treatment. You can wave goodbye and be on your way – hoping that you have all the skills and tools you need to conquer recovery. Or, you can look to mentors and staff at a sober living facility and slowly slide your way back into real life. By the time you have to say goodbye, you will have all you need to succeed.

Sober living facilities offer individuals so many benefits that we cannot even name them all. So, we’ve selected the top 9 benefits.

Structure and Accountability

Sober living facilities generally offer a strict structure built into their design. Those who live within them must follow the rules of the house, often including times to wake up, go to bed, attend house meetings, chores, etc. It keeps the residents structured – and accountable.

Social Support and Company

Leaving treatment and heading back into society can lead to feelings of loneliness and isolation. Fresh from treatment, the individuals have learned that they can no longer associate with the friends and acquaintances they once had. In addition, usual hangout spots are a no-go, as well.

Choosing a sober living home gives those in recovery a chance to start getting their feet wet back in the real world while being surrounded by people with the same goals – and challenges. This helps make the situation seem less lonely and, in times of need, there will always be someone to turn to for support.

Time Management Tools

Time management is a necessary tool for succeeding in just about anything you do. You will learn how to manage time effectively step by step as you ease yourself back into real life. You will have new responsibilities – and you will need to manage your time wisely to accomplish all that you need to.

Drug-Free Living Environment

What would happen if you leave a treatment facility and move back into your home – are those you share space with going to do what they need to in order to protect your sobriety? Is the alcohol going to be removed from the home? Prescription drugs? Other recreational substances?

Until you are stronger – or maybe indefinitely – you need a place to live that is going to respect your recovery journey and keep any and all substances outside of the home. Unfortunately, that is not always a possibility.

A sober living facility can give you all of that (and more). Alcohol and other substances are not tolerated in sober living homes, so you will never have to worry about temptation while in the confines of the residence.


Now that you are clean, you need to set some goals in your life. After all, you should already be proud of everything you have accomplished. Choosing a sober living facility means that you are going to learn about how to set goals – and how to achieve them.

This tool can be used in many areas of your life.

Healthy Lifestyle and Wellness Programs

Did you know that indulging yourself in wellness is incredibly beneficial for your mind and body? Learn about eating whole foods full of nutrition. And, learn about creating a sense of wellness throughout your body, using techniques such as yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation.

Daily Living Skills

The real world requires a set of skills to help you maintain your sobriety – and deal with all the stressors you will face. You will be responsible for things, such as cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, managing your finances, and so forth.

If you don’t know how to handle daily living tasks as second nature, then you may find yourself struggling.Too much struggling and you will become stressed and at risk for relapsing.

A sober living facility will show you how to manage all that life throws your way so that you can maintain your successful track in recovery.

Greater Responsibility

You are the only one responsible for you. Not your parents, not your friends, and not your therapist. Sober living homes will teach you how to be responsible – and take responsibility. You will learn more about the differences between right and wrong choices, as well as the consequences that go with them.

Learn how to be responsible and make wise choices that will keep you healthy and strong in recovery.

Educational Guidance and Vocational Training

You may or may not have had your educational or vocational training disrupted due to your addiction. If you have, sober living homes are very helpful in getting you back on track. Everything from applying for training or for GED or college classes to completing them – and everything in between.

Those in your sober living facility will guide you in learning what you need to so that you may secure living and sustain your life once you leave. Without skills or an education, finding employment may be difficult.

The best part is that once you finish learning, you will get help with finding employment, writing a resume, interview skills, and the like.

You have a choice when you complete your treatment program. Are you going to subject yourself to the hustle and bustle of everyday life all on your own? Are you sure you are ready to take that step? Do you have everything you need to succeed?

Or, will you take advantage of all that sober living facilities have to offer that can reduce your relapse rates and increase your chances for lifelong sobriety?