Alcoholics Anonymous or AA is one of the largest support groups for recovering alcoholics across the country. No matter where you live, you can often find many meetings within easy distance. This faith-based program follows a 12-step principle that members work on in order. How does AA help those who attend its program and follow the guidelines? Different people point out the most important aspect for them, and these aspects differ, but they all boil down to a few main reasons.

How Does AA Help? It Proves You Aren’t Alone

When you decide to get sober, many of those you thought were friends disappear from your life. Your behavior while drinking may have caused division in your family, and you may feel like you are alone in the world. AA helps you see that others have gone the same path. You develop bonds with other group members and learn ways to repair relationships and make new ones.

They Are Constantly Within Reach

Most medium-to-large cities have several groups, with meetings at all hours of the day. Small towns often have at least one group. How does AA help can often be answered with: They are available. You get a sponsor that is available to talk no matter when you may need someone to help you get through a tough moment. AA helps by being available.

They Provide Structure

How does AA help with structure, and why is that important? While you were deep within your addiction, your days were made up of the alcohol as the center of everything. You need to find a way to fill those hours, so the temptation doesn’t return. You also look back once sober and realize all you may have lost during your addiction. AA helps you by giving you steps to follow that add structure to your recovery journey in a way that doesn’t cause you to feel lost or overwhelmed.

They Teach You to Let Go

You learn that you don’t have to be totally in charge of fixing everything. How does AA help you learn this? They introduce you to how it feels to put matters into the hands of a higher power. You are freed just to accept what is without trying to fix it or control it. Life happens, and sometimes we don’t know why. Letting go and allowing the universe to play out as it will, can be freeing.

How Does AA Help? It Teaches Forgiveness

When you realize all the things you may have done while actively addicted, you may feel like you are among the worst people that exist. This isn’t the case. You may not be able to undo many of the things you did, but you can try and make amends with the people you have harmed. Before you can seek forgiveness from others, however, you need to forgive yourself. AA helps you learn to see that time for what it was. While it does not excuse you from responsibility, it helps you see that you are no longer that person. You learn to love yourself and, by doing so, free up the path to healing your relationship with others.

Westwind Recovery® Also Helps

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