When you are ready to get help for your addiction, it might seem like an uphill battle. There are many common myths that center around addiction treatment. These myths about addiction treatment can make you question whether you should get help or are even worthy of support. Learn more about three of the most common addiction treatment myths and reach out for help from Westwind Recovery® today.

Myths About Addiction Treatment

Myth 1: You have to hit rock bottom to seek treatment

While many individuals who enter rehab are at a low point in their life, that doesn’t mean you have to hit rock bottom to seek treatment. Family members wondering how to help are often the biggest contributors to this myth. They commonly think that there’s nothing they can do until you are ready to get help on your own. But many things can encourage a person to seek help. Sometimes, all it takes is a bit of reassurance.

One misconception that perpetuates this myth is that addiction always looks like a person who has lost their home, ostracized their family, and lost their job. But a successful family man or businesswoman dealing with addiction can still benefit from rehab. You don’t have to wait until you’ve lost everything before you get help. The sooner you get help, the better your outcomes are.

Myth 2: You can do it on your own

Even if you want to quit, addiction has a strong hold on your brain. It is considered a medical disease, just like heart disease. While your desire to quit may be strong, that doesn’t mean you have the tools, knowledge, or resources to break your addiction. Treatment involves expert support and accountability. It requires structure to help you avoid relapse when things aren’t going well.

Sometimes, doing it on your own or with only the support of a loved one won’t work because they can’t provide the tough love required for treatment to work. Going through the recovery process can be difficult, and the doctors and counselors at treatment centers know what to do to help you through it. They also know that recovery is a lifelong process and will provide you with the tools you need to overcome your addiction.

Myth 3: Relapse means treatment has failed

No matter if you have good intentions when you leave rehab, there is a chance you will relapse and need to return. But relapsing does not mean you or the treatment failed. Recovery takes time, and treatment is just one component of the process. The more you apply what you have learned in drug rehab, the higher your chances of successful recovery.

If your biggest fear is relapsing, it’s important to enter addiction treatment knowing that it’s possible and not let it prevent you from seeking treatment. Focus on forming new habits and learning the tools you need to stay clean. Imagine that you are building a new life, and each piece you put in place is part of the new, healthy, substance-free you. The path won’t always be straight or free from debris, but that doesn’t mean the recovery journey isn’t worth it.

More Common Treatment Myths

These aren’t the only myths out there surrounding addiction and recovery. Here are a few more myths you can let go of today:

  • Medication replaces one addiction with another
  • Treatment is too expensive and is just for celebrities
  • Addiction is a choice and a sign of weakness
  • You’ll lose your job if you go to rehab
  • There’s no point in seeking treatment more than once
  • The person going to treatment has to want help
  • Addiction is a disease; there’s nothing you can do about it

Change your thinking about treatment by reaching out to Westwind Recovery® today.

Addiction Treatment at Westwind Recovery®

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