Among American adults, the prevalence of substance abuse and addiction in the LGBTQ community is significantly higher than that of the general population. A major reason for this is that historically, people who identify as LGBTQ have experienced greater discrimination and other familial and societal challenges than those who identify as heterosexual. Individuals who identify as LGBTQ are also more likely to suffer from mental health issues than their cisgender counterparts. They report higher rates of depression and anxiety and are at higher risk for suicide.

Largely because of long-standing discrimination, finding inpatient addiction and mental health treatment programs that address the specific needs of those in the LGBTQ community has been challenging. Thankfully, in recent years the shift in perceptions about people who identify as LGBTQ has helped create a more accepting society, making it easier for LGBTQ individuals to seek the treatment they need openly. Today, addiction treatment programs across the nation are developing programs specifically designed for the LGBTQ community.

LGBTQ Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Many people who identify as LGBTQ have typically experienced discrimination publicly, in their relationships, or both. They face obstacles, often daily, that heterosexual and cisgender peers often cannot understand, including:

  • Prejudice based on sexual orientation
  • Rejection from family and friends
  • Exclusion from social groups and activities
  • Physical and mental abuse
  • Hate crimes, threats, and public humiliation
  • Employment and housing loss
  • Internalized self-hatred

These factors and more contribute to the exceedingly higher rates of mental health and substance use disorders within the LGBTQ community. Recognizing these issues and understanding how to account for them in a residential addiction treatment program is key to providing a safe, comfortable environment for LGBTQ clients to pursue their recovery.

At Westwind Recovery®, we strive to understand the specific needs of all of our clients. We understand that LGBTQ individuals have had to spend much of their lives trying to conform to norms that are out of line with their identity, causing them to feel disconnected and alienated. Our holistic, individualized approach to addiction treatment offers services such as weekly LGBTQ-specific sessions, 12-step programs, and access to a local LGBTQ resource center. Additionally, the program helps clients address gender identity, sexual orientation, coming out, social stigmas, same-sex relationship dynamics, homophobia, healthy sexuality, and more.

Clients in our LGBTQ addiction treatment center will also benefit from therapies such as:

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Support for Transgender Clients

While social stigmas affecting the LGBTQ community have lessened in recent years, those that identify as transgender continue to be greatly misunderstood and frequently experience discrimination across multiple aspects of life. As such, transgender people exhibit the highest rates of mental health disorders, and the rate and risk for addiction are significantly higher than other members of the LGBTQ community.

At Westwind Recovery®, our objective is to help our transgender clients achieve successful addiction recovery and learn to manage mental health issues for the long term. By removing obstacles to care, we can create individualized treatment plans that identify our transgender clients’ needs and goals. If you identify as transgender and need addiction treatment, call us to speak with an expert about how our LGBTQ addiction treatment program can help you.

Westwind Recovery® Offers LGBTQ Rehab

Westwind Recovery®  is proud to be a leader in addiction and mental health treatment programs designed with the specific needs of LGBTQ clients in mind. All of our treatment programs and sober living homes are LGBTQ-friendly, and we offer integrative, holistic programs for dual-diagnosis mental health and trauma issues. No matter the level of care needed, from detox through outpatient treatment, Westwind Recovery® can help.

In the greater Los Angeles region, Westwind Recovery® offers cutting-edge substance abuse and mental health treatment for members of the LGBTQ community in a safe and welcoming environment. Learn more about how we can help you or your loved one embrace your authentic self and take the first steps toward recovery. Use our online form or call 855.340.8832 today.