At Westwind Recovery®, we offer virtual reality meditation as a tool that you can use on your road to recovery. What do meditation and virtual reality have in common? Both offer a way to rid the mind of current thoughts and to help you learn more about yourself. This cutting-edge therapy can help those in recovery clear their minds enough to concentrate on recovery.

Virtual reality meditation offers an individual an opportunity to quiet their mind from the noise that is so often bombarding them constantly. Once your mind has become quiet, it is easier to turn your thoughts in a healing direction and learn the things that you need to maintain a sober life.

Why We Offer Virtual Reality Meditation

Meditation alone is a useful tool for those in recovery. It has a reputation for being very effective for those individuals who have mastered the art and practice it regularly. Unfortunately, many people who struggle with their mental health and addiction issues have trouble focusing on any one thing for long. The thoughts are constantly bombarding their minds and creating a noisy, chaotic environment that seems impossible to quiet. A therapy program can’t work if a person doesn’t have room to allow healing thoughts inside their mind. Without focus, a meditative state can’t be reached and this creates a feeling of failure in those who try and can’t manage it. When people feel that they are failing they often give up.

However, a virtual reality meditation program offers a guided experience, which can help those who are trying to meditate succeed.

Benefits of Virtual Reality Meditation

Virtual reality directly works on the mind to make you totally experience a situation. You see and feel the environment around you. You are there in your mind. Virtual reality can create the focus you need. By placing you virtually in a calming environment, you can start to relax and feel the noise disappear. You aren’t picturing a serene lake. Instead, you are sitting on the shore and looking out at that lake. You hear the birds and see the leaves on nearby trees blowing in the wind. Life begins to quiet and you feel the tension leaving your body. You feel safe enough to let go of the chaos you feel. You don’t realize it, but that is exactly what meditation feels like – a calm quiet state where fear and other strong negative emotions no longer exist to mask the learning. Once you reach this state, you can more effectively participate in other forms of addiction treatment therapy to help you get to the best place for you in regards to your recovery.

Virtual reality therapy is not a stand-alone one. Its main purpose is to enable you to clear your mind and relax so that you can fully participate in other types of growth therapy. Once your mind is emptied of the negative thoughts, there is room to start filling it with positive thoughts. Medication doesn’t cure mental illness, it only makes it easier for you to learn how to cope with the symptoms. That is the same thing with virtual reality meditation. It doesn’t change your outlook or teach you coping skills; it makes it easier for you to focus and learn those skills another way.

Virtual Reality Meditation at Westwind Recovery®

Westwind Recovery® is currently the only rehab program that has combined these two components to offer virtual reality meditation. In addition to this groundbreaking therapy, we offer a range of other addiction therapy services, including:

  • Family therapy
  • TMS therapy
  • Trauma therapy
  • Adventure therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Music therapy
  • Life skills therapy

If you are seeking help for an addiction or mental illness and would like to learn more, please contact us and speak to one of our representatives. We’ll help you rebuild your life.