Believe it or not, spring is on its way. You know, the time of year when the weather starts to warm up, trees and flowers begin to bloom, and the world around you looks refreshed and anew.

Spring is often seen as an awakening or a fresh start. Maybe it is because of all that spring symbolizes. Or, maybe it is just because spring is like its name – it is the time of year when you can bounce back into life from everything that happened during the dark, cold months.

Whatever the reason for the awakening, spring seems like the perfect time to spring clean your sobriety and find your fresh start. So, whether you have been sober for a while or you are new to the idea, here are a few ideas for getting your sobriety all cleaned up this spring.

Take Time to Reflect & Evaluate

How has your sobriety been? How strong are you feeling in it? If you have been sober for a while, it is easy to get wrapped up in your new, sober life and let your guard down when it comes to potential triggers. And this could be a recipe for relapse.

As we enter this season of renewal, take some time to reflect and evaluate where you are on your sober journey. Giving yourself a reality check of sorts can be very beneficial to your future, sober self.

Reconnect with Your Recovery Friends

You went through a great emotional and physical change with the people in your rehab and sober living facilities. In fact, they may be the people you have become the closest to in life. After all, going through such a life-altering experience bonds people.

And then life happens. It becomes easy to get whisked away in the day-to-day of life – and let keeping in touch fall to the wayside. Not intentionally, of course, but it happens. So, this spring, take some time to reach out and reconnect. Throw a dinner party or brunch and bring together all your old friends from rehab. Or, simply give a call or pay a visit.

While some may have parted ways or found themselves off the wagon, others have not. And these individuals can be a great source of support and encouragement for you – and you for them.

Analyze Your Health

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is something that has a positive impact on your sobriety. Being healthy means that your body is functioning optimally – and that is necessary for maintaining sobriety.

Eating a healthy diet and exercising are things that you learned about in rehab. And, you know their positive impact on your overall wellbeing. But it is very easy to slip away from these habits as time passes. You may slow down on your exercise or think that one night of solid junk food won’t hurt you. Unfortunately, bad health habits are sneaky. They creep up over time and, before you know it, your health is deteriorating.

Don’t let your poor health lead to poor judgments and life choices. Instead, take advantage of this spring renewal and get back on track with your healthy lifestyle.

Spur Your Sobriety

Sometimes a monotonous life can lead to a great desire for excitement. This can lead to the mind allowing you to partake in unhealthy activities.

Everyone seeks a happy, exciting life. But this excitement does not need to be negative. You can still have fun – and remain sober.

If you want to do something to increase the fun level in your life, then take some time to discover a new hobby or activity. Find something that interests you and soar with it. Let it take your sobriety to new heights.

Evaluate Your Inner Circle

Nobody likes negativity – and it has no place in a life of recovery. This spring is the perfect time to take a hard look at your life and see where there is a negative influence. Then, get rid of it.

There are some people that have a great impact on our lives. There are others that can drag us down. If you are wanting to remain happily sober, then you are going to need to find those that bring the negative and distance yourself from them.


With the negative attitudes, attention, and life outlook usually also comes drama. And, well, drama serves no purpose but to bring added stress. As you have learned from your time in treatment, increased stress can bring an increased chance for relapse. Do you see the problem here?

Surround yourself with happiness and goodness and your life will be full of both. Spring clean the negative right on out the door.

Spring into Gratitude

Just as you need to remove the negative, you need to focus on the good in your life. This spring, why not start a habit of being grateful?

Get yourself a gratitude journal and start marking down the things you are thankful for in your life. Write down a couple each day – and don’t forget the small stuff either. There are many things that you should be thankful for, even on your hardest days.

Creating this habit not only helps improve your outlook on life, but it also gives you something to look back on when you are feeling less than par. What an awesome activity to start in the season of renewal.

Your sobriety is something that always needs your attention. Remaining in the status quo without paying attention to it can easily allow you to fall into a monotonous routine that sends you through life on autopilot. However, remaining sober is something that you must actively work towards.

Just as you would spring clean your house this season, spring clean your sobriety. Rid your life of those things that aren’t beneficial to you and welcome in the good. Believe it or not, you will feel better and stronger once you do.