The new year brings new ideas for change. You may daydream about all the things you would like to do or accomplish this year — in an ideal world. However, many of these resolutions don’t come with realistic goals for attainment. And, while in recovery, it is best that you not tip the scales to broken promises to yourself. This can easily lead to a downward spiral.

Why not create resolutions for yourself that are beneficial to your recovery instead? For instance, the steps to taking care of yourself that you learned during treatment, but may have let fall to the wayside since.

Here is a reminder of some recovery resolutions for 2018 that can take your recovery to another (better) level.

Resolve to Schedule More Quiet Time

Quiet time is personal time. And it is incredibly important. You can spend this time alone focusing on yourself because it is a break away from everything else you have going on in your life.

You may choose to spend this time:

  • In reflection. Think about your life, your latest struggles, your accomplishments. Reflect on the choices you have made, the outcomes they had, and how much you have grown on your journey.
  • Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and clear your mind. Meditation is a great tool to block out the noise of the world and to become one with yourself.
  • In silence and peace. Just giving yourself ten minutes each day of quiet time – no frills, no meditation, etc. – just quiet time, can boost your ability to succeed in

You need a break for yourself – and you deserve it. Resolve to set aside some time each day to be in solitude.

Resolve to Eat Healthier

Eating healthy is vital to maintaining a healthy body. The foods that you ingest work to provide your body with the vitamins and nutrients it needs to function properly. Did you know that there are 13 essential vitamins and nutrients that your body needs for optimal performance? Lacking in any of these – or having too much of another – can cause all sorts of reactions in many different parts of your body, such as:

  • Your digestive system.
  • Your brain function.
  • Your cardiovascular system.
  • Your hormone production and thyroid issues.

Many people use the new year to place themselves on a diet to lose weight – and they fail. Therefore, consider this as healthy eating – for your body. The better you fuel yourself, the better and stronger you will feel.

Resolve to Try to Love Exercise

Along with eating the proper foods, exercise is just as important. It not only gets your blood flowing and your heart pumping, but it makes you feel good. The endorphins released in your brain cause you to have elated feelings. If you have ever wondered why you love the end of an exercise routine, although you hated to get started – you can thank these endorphins.

Consider trying several different activities to find something you enjoy. Exercise doesn’t have to be boring and miserable – and it doesn’t even have to feel like exercise. Why not try joining an adult sports league, try that activity you have always been too scared to try, or plan a family fun day for scrimmages and frisbee in the park each week.

The more you like doing something, the more you will do it – and exercise is no exception.

Resolve to Write or Share More

Words are powerful tools. But, when you keep them held inside, they become powerful destroyers. This is especially true when the words are tied to powerful emotions.

This year, resolve to get the words out however you feel best doing so. If you’d rather write them, then get a journal and spill out everything you want and need to say. If verbal communication is more your thing, then practice sharing your feelings and thoughts when they arise, but do so in a productive, positive manner.

You ultimately choose how you want to release your feelings. The point is to just get them out!

Resolve to Find a New Focus

Sometimes gaining a new focus or a new interest can help us have a more effective, fresh perspective. It is important to keep life interesting and moving forward. Try incorporating something new into your life, such as a new hobby or challenge. Not only will this help focus, it will also allow you to spend your time bettering yourself and gaining new experiences.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Take a class. Discover what you are interested and take a class, such as writing, art, photography, computer technology, etc.
  • Find a need in your area and work to find a solution. This could be working with the homeless, planting a community garden, etc.
  • Challenge yourself to something you have always wanted to do, such as run a marathon, climb a mountain, hike a certain trail, or learn a new language.

Focusing on something new will help your mind stay healthy.

Resolve to Stay Positive

It is easy to get in a rut and be a Debbie Downer. Looking at life with a glass half full is not going to get you very far. The best way to find yourself always on top is to resolve to stay positive. Keep your chin up and a positive attitude, despite the hurdles you are constantly jumping.

Life is not easy – and this is especially true for life in recovery. However, you are the only one in charge of your mind and you are the only one who can adjust your lenses to see life as a threat or to see life as a beautiful experience. Which will you choose? Resolve to maintain a positive outlook throughout the year and beyond.

The resolutions you set in recovery shouldn’t be superficial. Instead, resolve to make changes that will benefit your mind, body, and soul – and better equip you to face each challenge that gets thrown your way. Make 2018 a year to remember!