Values are important to recovery because they steer you in the right direction. When your life has value, it has meaning and purpose. Your days have structure. You play healthy roles in family, community, and social groups. And the choices you make align with your personal goals of health and happiness. For those who have had the good fortune to be raised inside a healthy family dynamic, these core values to recovery may seem elementary. They may come easily. They may be achievable without deliberate thought. For many people, however, what is considered a normal, healthy life seems completely unattainable.

Roughly 35 million people in today’s world struggle with substance use disorder. Of these, only 1 out of every 7 seek out treatment. It’s a sad statistic to hear. It’s an even worse statistical group to be a part of. If you’re caught in the unforgiving throes of substance use disorder, Westwind Recovery in Los Angeles can help.

Core Values to Guide Recovery Defined

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) publishes a definition of recovery that includes 10 guiding principles, or core values. These core values are in place to help clarify recovery for everyone involved, from the client, to the client’s family, to care providers for those who are addicted. They help to streamline the recovery process by stating clear goals and objectives that should be mastered for recovery to happen.

What Are the Core Values to Guide Recovery?

  1. Recovery begins with hope
  2. Recovery begins and ends with the individual who seeks it
  3. It must be individualized to succeed. There is no one direct path that fits every person
  4. Recovery is a holistic process that works to improve all areas of life, including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
  5. Family, community, and peer support play invaluable roles in recovery
  6. Playing healthy roles in groups is vital for recovery to happen
  7. Treatment is influenced by culture and should be culturally based
  8. Trauma must be addressed
  9. Recovery involves personal responsibility
  10. Recovery is based upon respect

It’s a lengthy list to memorize, but for those in recovery, the meanings become clear over time. When a treatment program meets and embraces these individual core values to recovery, success becomes more achievable.

Westwind Recovery Center and the Core Values to Guide Recovery

At Westwind Recovery Center in Los Angeles, we believe in the Core Values to Guide Recovery. Our clinical staff is among the most highly trained and compassionate in the area. When you choose Westwind Recovery Center as your choice of drug and alcohol treatment center in Los Angeles, you’ll experience the difference.

Westwind Recovery specializes in the treatment of mental health disorders, including those that accompany substance use disorder. We foster a respectful, non-judgmental environment where everyone is accepted for who they are and respected for who they’re trying to become. We value diversity, achievement, and a willingness to change. Here, we accept that success doesn’t always come on the first try and that family and friends are important.

At Westwind Recovery Center, we help you achieve inner peace through a range of therapies that incorporate holistic, traditional, and adventure-based approaches. You may spend your days in recovery attending a counseling session in the morning, surfing in the afternoon, and spending time with peers after dinner. We help you examine and work through past trauma, redirect negative thoughts, and become healthy, well-functioning members of your community.

When you’re ready to claim recovery and control over your own life, Westwind is waiting to help guide you gently forward. Call us today at 855.340.8832 for answers to all your questions regarding mental health and substance use recovery.