mixing pain pill and alcohol

Mixing Pain Pills and Alcohol

Whether by habit or by trying to seek a different kind of experience, many people often make the mistake of taking alcohol with substances. One of the more common instances of this is when people take pain pills and alcohol together. 47,500 deaths annually are attributable to the long-term health consequences of drinking too much… Continue Reading Mixing Pain Pills and Alcohol

girl sitting on the couch learning about detoxing from alcohol at home

Can You Detox From Alcohol at Home?

The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) reports that alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States. The effects of alcohol addiction or consistent, recurring alcohol abuse on the brain are significant and damaging. The more the brain becomes accustomed to the impacts of alcohol on neurotransmitters, the more… Continue Reading Can You Detox From Alcohol at Home?

Man considers if he is a high-functioning alcoholic

Top Signs You Are a High-Functioning Alcoholic

The classic picture of an alcoholic as a person who always drinks too much and whose life is falling apart only pertains to a portion of people with alcohol use disorder (AUD). A significant number of people appear outwardly fine or even successful, even though they abuse alcohol. Referred to as high-functioning alcoholics, these individuals… Continue Reading Top Signs You Are a High-Functioning Alcoholic

Starting treatment in an outpatient alcohol rehab los angeles

Top 5 Methods of Quitting Drinking Forever

For most Americans, drinking is an acceptable, almost expected, social activity. Alcohol is used to both celebrate and commiserate. While many people can drink without consequence, millions of others struggle with alcohol use disorder (AUD). Overcoming AUD can be a long, hard road and can, at times, feel impossible. But it is not. If you… Continue Reading Top 5 Methods of Quitting Drinking Forever

Man going to an alcohol rehab center

Does Alcohol Alter Your Brain Forever?

Alcohol use is embedded in American culture. Legal and easily accessible, alcohol use is widely promoted everywhere you look. Plenty of people can drink alcohol without developing a problem. However, it is estimated that 15 million Americans have an alcohol use disorder. The terms abuse and addiction are often used interchangeably, but they are different.… Continue Reading Does Alcohol Alter Your Brain Forever?

hourglass represents alcohol detox timeline

Alcohol Detox Timeline

Choosing to quit drinking can be a life-changing decision, especially when someone suffers from alcohol abuse or addiction. As is the case with all addictive substances, the downside of quitting is that you will likely experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range from mild to moderate to severe, depending on your history of alcohol consumption.… Continue Reading Alcohol Detox Timeline