When most people speak of painkillers, they’re referring to opioid drugs. Legally available only by prescription, these types of painkillers are super-effective at blocking pain and making you feel better. Unfortunately, they can also be highly habit-forming. This means you can quickly become addicted to these powerful narcotics. If you or someone you love struggles with substance use disorder involving painkillers, admission into our inpatient drug rehab center in Los Angeles, CA is the first step towards overcoming painkiller addiction. Our comprehensive painkiller addiction treatment program treats not only the symptoms of your painkiller addiction but also the underlying mental health conditions that contribute to your painkiller addiction, so you can overcome painkiller addiction.

Symptoms of Painkiller Addiction

overcome painkiller addiction at a painkiller addiction treatment programSymptoms of painkiller addiction are extensive and may impact every area of your life. Physically, symptoms may cause sleep disruption, weight loss, irritability, isolation, loneliness, and uncontrollable cravings. But opioid addiction is far-reaching. Relationships may be damaged or destroyed. It may become impossible to hold down a job, pay your bills, or care for your children. Opioid addiction often lands its victims in legal trouble, as well.

Sometimes, when you need painkillers and can no longer get them from your physician, stealing from loved ones to buy drugs off the street may seem like a viable option. Going from doctor to doctor and from emergency room to emergency room to gain new prescriptions may make sense, too.

All of these are symptoms of painkiller addiction. Sadly, most people with whom you interact regularly won’t see your actions as cries for help. Instead, they may become bitter, feel used, and want to distance themselves from you. The resulting isolation and loneliness often make things worse, and to help yourself feel better, you take more painkillers.

Painkiller addiction is a vicious, repetitive cycle that draws you in with the lovely promise of pain relief, while it destroys everything and everyone around you. If this describes your experiences, reach out while there’s still time to repair the damage. Contact the painkiller addiction treatment program at Westwind Recovery®.

The Benefits of a Painkiller Addiction Treatment Program

The recommended amount of opioid painkillers, taken for a brief period, maybe relatively safe. But taken over time, these drugs can affect your body’s organs in negative ways. Opioid abuse can damage your liver, your kidneys, your heart, your lungs, and even your digestive and skeletal systems. Prolonged use can cause needed organs to become overworked or to fail completely. And once your body organs begin failing, the prognosis becomes grim.

This is one crucial reason why seeking help for painkiller addiction is so important. The longer you wait, the more damage these drugs can do to your body. Your overall health can decline, your pain can increase, and your problems may greatly multiply. If you’re struggling, contact Westwind Recovery®. We offer a top-quality painkiller addiction treatment program in Los Angeles.

Painkiller Addiction Treatment Program in Los Angeles

Recovery from painkiller addiction at Westwind Recovery® puts you in contact with a whole team of highly skilled and compassionate clinicians. We’ll help you detox from painkillers, and teach you new recovery behaviors and coping skills that don’t involve self-medication. Comprehensive painkiller addiction treatment utilizes a variety of addiction treatment programs and addiction therapies. Upon your admission into our painkiller addiction treatment program in Los Angeles, CA, our addiction treatment staff will create a personalized painkiller addiction treatment program unique to you. Typical addiction treatment programs and mental health treatment programs used to treat painkiller addiction include:

We’ll help you manage your pain in ways that are conducive to healthy living, so you can enjoy adventure outings to go surfing, hiking, or boating. We’re also one of the few pet-friendly drug and alcohol treatment programs in Los Angeles. This means your devoted pet may be able to visit you regularly.

Contact Westwind Recovery®

If you’re suffering from addiction to painkillers, you don’t have to suffer anymore. Help is available. Contact Westwind Recovery® today and take the first step towards regaining control of your life by making a lasting recovery from painkiller addiction.