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You Got Sober, Now Live Sober

So, how does it feel to be living the sober life? Is it scary? Are you nervous? Do you feel like you have a fresh start? For a while your mind was completely focused on either your addiction or your treatment. Now you are taking the step back into a sober way of life and […]

How to Let Go of Fears in Sobriety

Sobriety | Westwind Recovery

Fear. It is an emotion that makes us feel threatened or that we may be harmed. We tend to run from the things that scare us or make us fearful. When in recovery, we have overcome so many obstacles that when we are hit with these new fears, we don’t necessarily understand where they came […]

Why is Gratitude Important in Recovery?

Gratitude | Westwind Recovery

The way we view life can set the tone for how our life goes. We can either look at life with pessimism and negativity or we can look at life with optimism and gratefulness. Life is full of ups and downs. Learning to take life in stride, appreciating what you have, where you are, and […]

Importance of Nutritional Health in Recovery

Nutritional Health | Westwind Recovery

Drugs and alcohol damage your body. When you are amid an addiction, you are not necessarily concerned about cooking your next meal or looking at proper nutrition – your focus is on getting your next fix. While you aren’t paying attention, this lack of nutrition can damage your body. The good news is that there are […]

How to Be Social and Maintain Sobriety

Maintain Sobriety | Westwind Recovery

The life that you were used to living is not the life you can go back to after treatment. You will find that the places you may have frequented, the friends you may have associated with, and your ideas of fun are no longer positive additions to your life. But, don’t let that get you […]

Utilizing a Life Coach in Addiction Recovery

So, when you leave treatment and find yourself back in the world wide open, what do you do? You have made such progress and positive changes. You have even thought about what path you would like to take in life. Except, now that you are ready to head there, you have no idea how.

5 Hobbies to Consider in Sober Living

You have been through treatment and you have heard time and time again that being bored or having time on your hands can easily lead you back down a road that you don’t want to take. So, what do you do? How do you avoid a relapse that may occur simply out of boredom?

Overcoming Addiction for Individuals With Complex Trauma

Overcoming Addiction | Westwind Recovery

Facing our past is almost never easy. After all, you moved on to the present for a reason, right? Sometimes, though, we find ourselves consumed by our addiction for more reasons than just our own bad choices. And, sometimes it comes from something – such as complex trauma – that has affected us long before […]

7 Alternative Therapy Strategies for Addiction

Westwind Recovery

Addiction is a complex beast. It affects the whole person, and very often infiltrates every area of life, interfering with the ability to live, work, and play. Left untreated, it claims thousands of lives, breaks up families, and steals joy away from people who would otherwise be giving so much back to the world. Unfortunately, […]

Hypnotherapy and Its Role in Treatment for Addiction

Treatment for Addiction | Westwind Recovery

Take a moment and think of the word hypnosis. If you are like most people, you are likely thinking of a patient sitting on a couch in a dark, quiet room. Standing in front of him is a doctor wearing a white coat and swinging a pendulum back and forth. He asks the patient to […]