What to do when a Doctor Prescribes You Painkillers

Painkillers | Westwind Recovery

Feeling ill or in pain and needing to go to the doctor is enough to cause strife for anyone. However, finding yourself feeling ill or in pain and needing to go to the doctor as a recovering addict can cause you even more strife. After all, you need help from the very person who may […]

5 Lessons You Must Face When Starting Recovery

Starting Recovery | Westwind Recovery

Along the way, getting to recovery may feel like reaching the finish line. After all, you have worked hard preparing yourself for a sober way of life, right? However, individuals who are new to recovery quickly learn that it isn’t all glitter and cupcakes. Recovery is hard. Each morning when you wake up, you are […]

6 Signs that Your Alcohol Addiction is Out of Control

Alcohol Addiction | Westwind Recovery

There is a difference between a social user and an addict. While neither is good, there are concrete ways to tell when your addiction has taken over and has become out of control. Do you know what these signs are? Your daily life has changed People tend to be creatures of habit and a daily […]

How to Face Social Situations Sober

Social Situations | Westwind Recovery

Just because you are sober doesn’t mean your life should be dull and lonely. You can still get out there and partake in social functions of all kinds – tailgating, parties, barbecues, even after work happy hours – the only difference is that you need to approach them differently and in an eyes-wide-open sort of […]

Introducing Your New Sober Life to Your Kids

Sober Life | Westwind Recovery

Your positive transformation on the road to recovery has now lead you all the way to your children. It is time to introduce yourself as the new and sober you. Of course, you will naturally feel nervous. How will they act? Will they accept you? What can you do to show that you are truly […]

Why Group Therapy in Recovery is So Important

When you hear the words “group therapy,” you probably picture a room of people with chairs formed into an awkward, enclosed circle. You imagine there are people who want to monopolize the therapy session, there are others who are squirming in hopes of not having to speak, someone who is getting annoyed with the monopolizing […]

How Your Mindset Affects Your Recovery

Positive Mindset | Westwind Recovery

Have you ever given any thought to how your mindset can affect your recovery? Are you aware of just how powerful your attitude can be? It’s time you figure that out! Your mindset can set you up for success or it can lead you to failure and defeat. It is how you view the world […]

How to Find Employment After Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment | Westwind Recovery

You finished addiction treatment and you are ready to get back to your adult responsibilities and a normal life. However, you are nervous about finding a job. In fact, you are probably full of questions – Will I be able to find a job? Will they ask me about my addiction or treatment? What will I […]

The Benefits of Fitness in Recovery

Recovery | Westwind Recovery

Everyone has heard that fitness makes you healthy. But did you know it can heal damage to your physical body, as well as your mind? In fact, it can even reduce stress and build confidence. Yes, exercise is powerful. And it is a necessity in our lives. The best news? It doesn’t take running a […]

How to Re-Build Your Self Esteem

Self-Esteem | Westwind Recovery

Self-esteem is crucial for a healthy life. It is what builds up our confidence and increases our feelings of self-worth. It is so common for us to be our own worst enemy. We are usually the first ones to criticize ourselves, the first one to put ourselves down, and the first in line to say, […]