Signs That a Loved One is Addicted to Opiates

Opiates are types of medications intended to manage pain and minimize the ill effects of a number of physical and emotional disorders. When used responsibly and for limited amounts of time, these medications can help a person enjoy a reasonable quality of life as the underlying condition is resolved. Unfortunately, opiates are addictive and it’s […]

The Benefit of Women’s Sober Living

Women's Sober Living | Westwind Recovery

By now you likely understand the importance of sober living. You understand that to be successful in your sobriety, you should take a transitional step into a sober living space before jumping back into the real world. After all, the real world very different from residential treatment facilities and can knock you down rather quickly. Will […]

What is Aftercare in Addiction Recovery?

Aftercare | Westwind Recovery

What if you could go to bed on your last night at your residential treatment facility and, when you wake up, you will be completely sober – and have not a struggle in the world? You will be freed from your addiction and any stronghold it may have on you! It will be time to […]

Finding the Right Recovery Residence for You

Recovery Residence | Westwind Recovery

All recovery residences are not created equal. That is why it is incredibly important to know exactly what it is you are looking for and what can benefit you, personally. Thankfully, because we are all different and have different lifestyles, interests, and needs, there is an array of recovery residences to choose from. If you […]

What it’s Like to Live in a Sober House

Sober House | Westwind Recovery

Sober living homes – or sober houses – are a type of transitional housing that was created to fill a need for those completing treatment for substance abuse. Prior to the inception of these homes, individuals, armed with knowledge and coping skills, were being sent back into society once their rehab program ended. Unfortunately, because an […]

5 Types of Recovery Resources to Utilize

Recovery Resources | Westwind Recovery

Taking the time to create a healthy new you should not be undone by failing to plan for your recovery. In fact, treatment doesn’t just stop when you finish the program. As you face real – uncontrolled – life again as a sober individual, you will encounter more and more challenges. Are you ready for […]

Fitness Can Fuel Your Recovery Journey

Recovery Journey | Westwind Recovery

There are things that we do in life – both good and bad – that have an effect on our body, even if we can’t see it right away. Abusing a drug or substance is an example of something that is harmful to our bodies. However, fitness has the opposite effect. In fact, exercise and […]

Mentoring and Giving Back in Sober Living

Sober Living | Westwind Recovery

Everyone needs to have someone to look up to – and, no, this doesn’t just apply to kids. Sometimes adults need a little help with seeing a light at the end of a dark tunnel. This person will be someone who will be positive and enlightening, as well as be an understanding and strong beacon. […]

Health Concerns Associated With Alcohol Abuse

Health Concerns | Westwind Recovery

Quality of life improves greatly for alcoholics who find their way into recovery. Unfortunately, there is a hidden side of alcohol addiction that you cannot see – internal damage to your body. Excessive alcohol use over time can wreak havoc on your organs, setting you up for cardiovascular disorders, neurological disorders, liver complications, digestive disorders, […]

The Relationship Between Anxiety and Addiction

Life can get rough sometimes. It can be even more rough for someone dealing with an anxiety disorder. Simple tasks such as social engagements, fulfilling job functions, taking tests in school, driving, or even leaving the house can cause immense fear. Although it may seem irrational to many, it is very rational to the person […]