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How to Start Again after Relapsing in Recovery

If you’ve made a commitment to sobriety and then you experience a relapse, you might feel disappointed, angry, frustrated, or sad. You might even begin to feel like you’ve lost hope, as though it’s going to be difficult to get back on the road to recovery. However, it’s important to remember that addiction relapse is […]

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The High Risk of Relapse and How To Prevent It

Once someone completes addiction treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, their journey to sobriety isn’t over. Individuals need to work to maintain their sobriety, which can be difficult. There is a high percentage of people in recovery who relapse. Close to 80% of recovering addicts experience a relapse. However, the causes of relapse are most […]

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How to Help a Loved One Move on After Relapse

If your spouse, sibling, child, or parent is in recovery, you’re probably big support for them. So you will likely witness the ups and downs of their recovery. Relapse can be a difficult experience for both the recovering addict as well as the loved one supporting them. However, as a loved one concerned for your […]

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