The greater Los Angeles area has a long list of sober living facilities to choose from. Still, the Westwind Recovery® Residences are on the shortlist of sober living homes in CA that are client-centered, with each house specializing in something different. Whether it’s low income, luxury living, LGBT, co-occurring disorders, all-female, all-male, or coed, the homes offer quality, while maintaining their integrity in providing a safe place to practice the 12-step principles and work a reliable program of recovery. The Westwind Recovery® story has twelve locations spanning from West Hollywood, Culver City, East Hollywood, to Woodland Hills. Westwind Recovery® Residences are proven to be useful for those who seek to maintain their newfound recovery at a sober living space that they can trust and call their home.

The greater Los Angeles area has a long list of recovery treatment programs to choose from. Westwind Recovery® is on the shortlist of recovery programs offering care services that span from detox, inpatient, outpatient, residential, and addiction treatment therapy in Los Angeles. What was once a collection of client-centered sober living homes that provided a safe space to live, practice the 12-step principles, and work a robust program of recovery, has expanded to multiple medical and clinical recovery facilities. Westwind Recovery® facilities offer broader services to the sober community regardless of age, race, sex, or sexual identity.

The sober living element of Westwind Recovery® began with three friends—Justin Wells, Zachary Ament, and Justin White—who decided to embark on opening the first Westwind Recovery® Residence, located at a modest property in Hancock Park. Wells approached Ament with a proposal to run a sober living back when he and Ament shared a house with seven of their sober friends on Laurel Canyon. Wells and Ament brought the idea to White, who at the time was a Director of Operations at the local detox center.

The first Westwind Recovery® Residence opened its doors in October 2014. The three founders combined their vision of compassion as a cornerstone in everyday living, drug and alcohol treatment, structure, and freedoms with a client-centered approach that they felt lacked in sober living environments. They wanted a strong community feel in their homes and created a sober living environment that was fun and free of rigidity and punitiveness.

Westwind grew. Fifteen locations opened in two years from West Hollywood, Culver City, East Hollywood, Beverly Hills, to Woodland Hills. Westwind Recovery® Residences had proven itself to be useful for those who sought to maintain their newfound recovery at a sober living space that they could trust and call their home.

In December 2017, Westwind Recovery® sought to elevate its services to offer more. They approached Bradley Athens, who had founded and was managing a top tier medical detox facility located in Hollywood Hills.

Bradley, who had left a very successful career just two years before he pursued working with alcoholics and addicts, had come to understand the importance of acting immediately on an individual’s desperation at the beginning stages of recovery as this is the point where each individual has the highest amount of willingness to change. He learned from experience that the moments of detox are when alcoholics and addicts are the most open-minded to suggestions to begin walking a path of sobriety.

He had also realized to increase the chances of an individual getting and staying sober, he would have to be able to offer all levels of treatment services to an individual and in turn enable him to have the personal oversight of this entire process of each individual’s treatment to ensure the best quality of care was being offered. Bradley knew this was the next step, so he accepted the offer, and the four men merged their two businesses under the Westwind Recovery® name.

Merging the two businesses was not easy. They came together to form an outpatient drug rehab center program in CA and build a bigger and better business by welcoming more voices to the table. It was challenging bringing together four guys into a room—especially four guys with strong personalities, and bring forth collaboration to better service the recovering community. The four men put aside their fears and lowered their defenses to work together as a team. It’s the commitment to excellence through collaboration to build a thriving community that is the biggest strength of Westwind Recovery®.

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